24 Hour Towing

We Offer 24 Hour Towing in Lancaster PA

Commercial Towing:

Are you a business-owner interested in a dependable towing partner? Would a monthly statement of tow charges help your operations run smoothly?  Call our office at (717) 393-8881 if you are interested in setting up an account for your business.

Private Towing:

Patriot – St. Denis – RC Towing offers local and regional towing services in Lancaster PA for individuals. Need to get your car to the shop? Our in-town rates are fixed and affordable.  Broke down on the highway? Our fleet can locate your vehicle in a short amount of time. Bought a car at auction or on E-Bay? We’ll go get it for you. Our flatbed trucks can safely tow lowered, exotic, specialty and antique vehicles. We can tow vintage and classic vehicles. From your family sedan to your exotic sports car, we take the time and care needed to move your vehicle safely.

Emergency Towing:

Patriot – St. Denis – RC Towing also offers emergency towing when you have the unexpected towing emergency.