Provider Spotlight – Patriot – St. Denis – RC Towing of Lancaster, PA

Reprinted for the Allstate Roadside Services Newsletter.

Patriot – St. Denis – RC Towing in Lancaster, PA is a true family company. Owners Irv and Wendy McMasters run the daily operations, and Wendy also handles the dispatching. Irv’s father is co-owner and acts as an advisor. Even their son, 10-year-old Nicholas, is starting to learn the family business. The company handles roughly 600 dispatches per month with four tow trucks.
“The foundation with Patriot – St. Denis – RC Towing is the relationship,” said Network Performance Manager Michael Short. “They are easy to work with, reliable, and their commitment to assist people in their time of need is obvious. They meet their ETAs consistently and deliver excellent customer service.”
The McMasters purchased the company in 2006. “Wendy and I were starting a family and wanted to move outside of the DC area,” Irv explained. “We looked into a few different ventures, but ultimately we liked what Patriot – St. Denis – RC Towing stood for. They had a strong reputation for customer service and had built strong relationships in the community. We also liked the Lancaster area, so we decided to give it a shot.”
The business allows the McMasters to work as a family, and Irv said that has influenced their customer service philosophy. “My patient and caring wife is the heart of our company,” he explained.
“Helping folks in need is what I like most about this business,” he said. “I always think, if my family’s car broke down and was on the side of the road, what kind of company would I want to help out?”
When hiring, he looks for individuals with a strong work ethic and a focus on family.
“You can teach someone how to tow. You can’t teach him to have a work ethic or how to treat people,” he said.
He points out that investing in driver uniforms and newer trucks are part of establishing credibility.
“We tow for a variety of organizations, including dealerships, police departments and motor clubs. You’ve got to remember you’re being entrusted with your clients’ customers. It’s important to stay professional.”

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